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Action | Comedy
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7.1 / 10 
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Before she becomes Cruella de Vil? Teenaged Estella has a dream. She wishes to become a fashion designer, having been gifted with talent, innovation, and ambition all in equal measures. But life seems intent on making sure her dreams never come true. Having wound up penniless and orphaned in London at 12, 4 years later Estella runs wild through the city streets with her best friends and partners-in-(petty)-crime, Horace and Jasper, two amateur thieves. When a chance encounter vaults Estella into the world of the young rich and famous, however, she begins to question the existence she's built for herself in London and wonders whether she might, indeed, be destined for more after all. When an up-and-coming rock star commissions Estella to design him a signature piece, she begins to feel as though she has truly arrived. But what is the cost of keeping up with the fast crowd- and is it a price Estella is willing to pay?


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If She Doesn't Scare You, No Evil Thing Will...

This movies aesthetic was wonderful. Both of the Emma's did an absolutely FANTASTIC job at their roles. If the disney live action remakes/retellings haven't been doing it for you- don't skip out on this one. It's something special.

Cruella De Vil!

I haven't seen any of the 101 Dalmatians films yet. I didn't plan to see them before Cruella because it's marketed as the prequel to the films. I'm sure i didn't get a lot of those references.

Cruella is the origins story of the villain Cruella De Vil. Played brilliantly by Emma Stone, this character is greatly written amd performed. Definitely one of the greatest performances in Disney live-action movies. Although that isn't saying much.

The Villain, Ms. Hellman, is played by Emma Thompson, also brilliantly. The characterization and setting of the character is astounding.

You don't go see a Disney live-action movie expecting great direction and cinematography. But Cruella did this really great. There are long shots of fashion offices and ,well, Cruella and they're all done well.

With these two Emmas in a film, you can almost assure it's gonna be a fun ride. Only problem with Cruella is the script. There is one event in this film that is very forced and cliched. Some may find it good but not me.

Also, the ending is not well at all. The CGI in some scenes being very obvious is just a minor problem for me. But the way the movie ends just leaves you feel very rushed. Some parts don't make senses at all.

Cruella is a perfectly enjoyable fun ride in theater or Disney+, doesn't matter for me. Go grab some popcorn and have fun.

An Aesthetically Interesting & Playfully Antagonistic Film Hindered By Its Ultimately Silly Premise

First, the good parts. Aesthetically, this is a really fun movie. This will be a lock for an Oscar nomination for Best Costume Design. Especially highlights in one of the montages of Cruella showing off her designs to the world. There are good humorous quipy exchanges moments between Estella and the Baroness (the two Emma's do a great job in their roles). Additionally the heist elements that pop of here and there in the movie are creative and flashy.

That said, a lot of what is good in this movie feels at minimum borrowed from other better movies. There is a good chunk of this movie which is conceptually a Devil Wears Prada remake and the heist scenes are a less elaborate Ocean's movie. This wouldn't be so much of a knock if what these elements where structured around was more interesting and solid.

The conceit of the movie ultimately is what hinders it. The writers have to turn a woman who skins puppies for a coat into a likable tragic anti-hero. So we spend a good portion of the movie establishing that she likes dogs. She saves one, one helps save her. And that whole Dalmatian hate thing, that isn't really a thing... she just justifiably dislikes three particular ones owned by her antagonist. They even become friends by the end of the movie. The somewhat laughable concept keeps me from really liking this movie. The burden on the writers to justify the 'Cruella' name on the marquee, what ultimately will bring in the audience, adds too many silly elements to an otherwise enjoyable film.

One minor note; the soundtrack is blunt, to say the very least. Not since Suicide Squad (2016) have I listened to a soundtrack with more predictable, on-the-nose, pop hits. Estella gets a new shot at life, play Feeling Good by Nina Simone. Cruella is losing her humanity, play Stone Cold Crazy by Queen. End of the movie, play Sympathy for the Devil by the Stones. There was room here for a movie which is so visibly in love with the punk rock culture of England in this era to embrace the more deep-cuts of this sound, but it was lost I assume for the sake of commercial viability.

This is not a 'great' movie, it falls into the sphere of other Disney live action remakes of this era of sparkling, but not quite shining. That said, it is enjoyable and the visual aesthetic plus the playful antagonism of Cruella, make it worth a watch and elevate it above some of the more bland live action from the Disney studios recently.
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