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Melissa Lucio was the first Hispanic woman sentenced to death in Texas. For ten years she has been awaiting her fate, and now faces her last appeal.


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Quality filmmaking. Sabrina Van Tassel deserves recognition for this heartwrenching doc.

This film is beautifully done. It is an act of kindness. Of solidarity. For anyone that can't slow themselves down to watch it all the way through, please just give Melissa Lucio three minutes of your life by watching from 12:25 through 9:25. Those three minutes prove that this was NOT child abuse. Melissa became the perfect scapegoat for a desperate politician. The timing was perfect. The story, the agenda, worked. She was poor. She wasn't the best mother. But she's not a criminal. The classic scenario of people believing what they want to believe. Of believing what they are told. Of poverty not winning. Of a family being pulled apart and destroyed at the hands of power.

This is the story of a little girl, a happy girl, whose light was repeatedly dimmed by the men who took advantage of her. She had no strength or trust to reach outside of her sunken self for help. She had left home at 16 to get away from her abuser. She married an abuser. Her youngest child had met a very sad and tragic fate. She had a left foot that was prone to making her fall.

No one had ever reported any abuse in the household. Ever. Statistics show this to be unusual. Things don't match up for a reason. And NONE of her children or family members were allowed to testify on her behalf. A woman isn't guilty just because she had 14 children in poverty. Because she had some of the older kids watch the younger ones. That's not equivalent to a death sentence. With no research.

This was not justice. This was injustice. It still is.

Thank you Sabrina. Good work.

10/10 Documentary!

The State of Texas vs. Melissa Lucio is by far one of the best and most educational documentaries out there. Our corrupt "justice" system is quick to abuse the poor and the powerless. This documentary can really make a difference. It's a must watch!

Very Powerful Documentary

This Documentary shows how the justice system has and is failing so many people. From the very beginning I could tell Melissa did not do what she was being accused of, it's so unfair that the justice system would rather just charge someone and close the case instead of finding out the whole truth. How can a justice system be ok with sending the wrong person to jail for life so many different times. Melissa I pray for you and your family to be together soon and for the justice system to go into these cases with both eyes open innocent until proven guilty is what it is supposed to be not guilty no matter what. And that lawyer who held all that information should have been disbarred not given a damn promotion that right there shows what side he was on from the get go. Very good documentary shows the truth and that is what should always matter the truth.

Praying for you and your family everyday Melissa you are a strong woman.
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