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Comedy | Romance
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80 min
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6.8 / 10 
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Directors: Wesley Ruggles [Director] ,

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New York stenographer Marilyn David meets Englishman Charles Gray and they fall in love. But Charles leaves town and Marilyn discovers he is a duke's son and already engaged. Marilyn confides in her platonic friend, reporter Peter Dawes, who publicizes her as the 'No Girl' who refused nobility. So Marilyn cashes in on her unwelcome notoriety by becoming a cafe entertainer; in an unexpected way, she succeeds. But can she decide between her two loves? —Rod Crawford


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misunderstandings snowball until....

Get that cast... Claudette Colbert, Fred MacMurray, Aubrey Smith, Ray Milland, Don Meeks. all so good. Marilyn (Colbert) and Pete (Mac) are buddies, working in new york city. When Marilyn bumps into Charles Gray (Milland), she gets all flustered, and they spend the next couple days running around the city together. but Gray must return to england to break it off with his fiancee. Marilyn sees the photos of Lord Gray in the paper, and thinks he has lied to her... he had, but only to break it off with the one back home. another little problem that snowballs into something much bigger, since someone couldn't tell the truth to begin with. Marilyn hits it big as a singer, and now things really turn around for her. can they pick up where they left off? Aubrey Smith was always the uncle, the congressman, the wise judge. here, he's Gray's father, and wants to avoid any whiff of scandal to protect the family name. Colbert and Milland had been around hollywood a bit, but this was one of MacMurray's first credited roles. it's fun to watch it all happen. liberal use of backdrops. clearly there was a magic between Colbert and Mac. directed by Wes Ruggles.was nominated for Cimarron. he had started in EARLY silents as an actor, and carried on with directing, into the talkies. had worked with the Chaplins. his brother Charles Ruggles was hilarious in so many comedies. Watch this one. shame they don't show it very often.

gilded lily

So so rom com. Basically any scene with Colbert/MacMurray on a bench eating popcorn and talking is worth the price of admission. However, there is a rather large drop off when Ray Milland enters the film, and the subsidiary characters sure could have been funnier, especially Luis Alberni and Donald Meek whose mountains of comic skills are mostly skirted. It all adds up to a generous C plus, mostly for the two pros on the bench who could read a Tim Kaine speech and render it interesting. PS...Dumb title. What's a gilded lily, anyway? Shoulda been called "The No Girl".

Eat popcorn and watch the world go by

Just what I wanted from a film-- to feel good, smile, and applaud at the end. Colbert was fantastic.
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