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IMDB: 6.2 / 10

I watched it for 17 minutes then gave up

It doesn't feel like a sequel to Hitman's Bodyguard. It feels like I'm watching a brutal version of Spy Kids. It's so corny. I loved the Hitman's Bodyguard, but this one just made me want to scream, "Motherf#*#3r!" Instead of making me laugh, it made me angry.

Not as good

I don't know how they can make a second movie and put more money in it and screw it up every time on sequels.

Too much of everything

I was so excited for this movie, loved the first part, had just a right amount of laughter and action, whereas this part.... too much swearing, which after half of the movie was not funny anymore and started to annoy, too much action, like it some scenes just didnt make sense, too much characters - it was crazy handfull of great actors, but each one of them had a significant role, they were overwhelming ...And than the plot just didnt make sense. :(((

When you wanted some mindless action but you aimed too low...

I wanted some mindless action on a big screen, but I can't handle it too them I've sworn off all Disney origin movies, so Cruella and Black Widow are out. No thanks on Forever Purge. And F9 looks as gawdawful as a big budget could muster up. So I saw this one. But this movie was dumb. D. U. M. B. Mind numbingly dumb. NATO the National Alliance of Theater Owners are begging for us to return. But they've got to give us something worthy of our money, time, and effort. This isn't even close. D-

Dumb fun

Hitman's Wife's Cousin's Newphew's Son's Neighbor's Friend's Bodyguard.

When I heard about the movie, I realized that I did watch the first movie and only remembered it as pretty funny. I barely knew what happened in the first one, but fortunately that's not necessary to enjoy this stupid, ridiculous, yet hilarious sequel.

The casting was awesome. Salma Hayek was incredible as the crazy and madly in love wife of the notorious hitman played by Samuel Jackson. She managed to be even crazier than her husband. Their chaotic and loud relationship provided so much intense and vulgar jokes that I thoroughly enjoyed. Ryan Reynolds returned as the failing bodyguard who tried to cope while wanting to kill himself whenever he's with the chaotic hitman couple. I loved the chemistry between the trio and there was a lot of fun with them.

The action sequences were another entertaining part of the movie. They were over-the-top and violent. The editing can be very quick and choppy a lot of times, but the actions felt very fast and most importantly, fun.

The quickest part of the movie was definitely the story. Clearly the direction and script did not care so much about crafting a coherent plot. The main arc itself, which was a digital virus that would wipe out the whole Europe, was ridiculous and stupid. Characters changed erratically and in dumb ways.

Also, when I saw Frank Grillo in the movie, I immediately got excited because he's a badass. However, sadly he only said some vulgar stuff and didn't do much. The same was for Morgan Freeman, who also had very little screen time.

Despite the obviously dumb plot, it's important to know that this movie's main and only goals were mindless fun and messed-up comedy. So don't mind the low critic's scores on Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic. Instead, the audience's score was a much better reflection.

Overall, great character chemistry, dumb comedy and action that I thoroughly enjoyed. 7/10.

I can't wait for the "Hitman's Wife's Neighbor's Best Friend's Uncle's Bodyguard" next!

The way the critics slammed this one, I was prepared for disappointment, especially considering how much I enjoyed the first one, and gave that one a 9/10. Well, two words for this one: Fkn Awesome!

The story wasn't as great or unique as the first one, but I can't remember the last time we all laughed so hard, more than the first one. I'm shocked to hear how many critics didn't find it funny. For starters, every time (>90%) Reynolds, Jackson and Hayek opened their mouths, it was legitimately LOL moments, and many belly-ache in-tears laughs, especially a scene at the end where I lost count how many of us fell off our seats dying in laughter. I mean serious ROTFLMAO laughter. I wish I could remember the last time I alone have laughed so much or so hard, and that alone is all I needed to consider this film a huge success.

Either Reynolds or Jackson alone can entertain to that level of comedy, just by opening their mouths, but both together again, wow, I can't think of a better duo, and I hope to see them both together a lot more. Their chemistry is perfect, and their contradictory personalities priceless. Thank you both, and Hayek - who also killed it, for the best laughs in a VERY long time, I (and we) REALLY needed it!

The story this time around wasn't as great as the first one, but the amazing international sets, and the addition of Morgan Freeman (oh, and you will die of laughter when he makes his entrance!), Frank Grillo and Antonio Banderas as... get this, Aristotle Papdopolous, made up, and imo, exceeded the fun, for the lack of a great cohesive story the first one had.

Sure, this film was your typical fare of over-the-top action comedy formula of violent shootouts and crazy chases, all the while going after the evil crazy rich bad guy trying to destroy part of the world - nothing really new here (do we ever really get bored of that tho? Not me.), but with every other detail added to the equation, it pretty much created the perfect formula for for the perfect kind of senseless debauchery and mayhem that was also keenly and amusingly scripted, extremely funny, violent, vulgar, profane, well-acted, "turn your brain off and have a good time with it" perfect summer blockbuster.

The cinematography was excellent, and the score and soundtrack outstanding (lol Reynolds' obsession with that Culture Club song). The pacing was on point, and I wanted more minutes on top of the 100min runtime. I rate this one .5 better than the first one for a 9.5/10, and since my stomach still hurts from laughing, I'm rounding up to a 10/10! I'll be certainly watching this again, at least one more time. I can't wait for "The Hitman's Wife's Neighbor's Best Friend's Uncle's Bodyguard" next!


I really don't understand writers who make the main character seem and sound so dumb. Do they think the audience will find that funny. I for one do not! I remember really liking the first movie and don't remember Ryan Reynold's character being that dumb, but in this one they've gone overboard with the stupid dialog and I quickly got tired of hearing one lame joke after another that just fell flat. It could have been a much better movie if they hadn't dumbed him down so much.

Great cast sinking in a woefully poor story ??

The original film was great. Loved it. Original. Funny and watchable. Not Oscar winning but a great watch.

This film carries on with the fun characters and introduces a super brain numbing storyline to waste hours of our lives. I can't begin to explain how much of a parody this story is. Not in an intelligent way. But in a painfully lazy way. It is like they had to make a lockdown film and just couldn't care less if it made sense or not.

I want to write a more in depth review but this film is bad. That's all you need to know.

Don't understand the hate?

Been flicking through a load of the reviews on here and I seriously don't understand the hate. It's just a fun movie, just as crazy as the first one. It doesn't take itself too seriously, the jokes are funny and the action is great. What do you expect from this film? If you want to go and watch a fun, action packed film for an afternoon, go and check it out! If you're expecting some sort of classic, super high budget mind blowing phenomenon, go watch Avatar again or something.

Only One Word It's Terrible

Not as good as first one... don't waste your time..if you want to see a garbage movie then try it; it'll not disappoint you ????

Rollicking good fun

I struggle to understand some of these reviews. Complaining about swearing in a Samuel Jackson movie? Sheesh. Grow a brain.

Plenty of laughs and plenty of action. It's not a Shakespeare classic. Just go and enjoy it for what it is.

A movie that's a pain in the A-double-dollar sign.

  • As a comedy thriller, it does pass the '6 laughs test' in terms of the 'comedy' element. Some of these are minor chuckles. A few are really good belly laughs.

  • Among these are some of the outrageous tirades of Salma Hayek: her accent makes some of the dialogue unintelligible, but given its X-rated nature, that's not necessarily a bad thing! As a mid-50's actress (Oh God - - don't tell her I mentioned her age!), Ms Hayek indeed has an arrestingly attractive form.

  • Seeing Antonio Banderas and Morgan Freeman on the screen is never anything other than a positive. (Although Banderas is like Sean Connery in failing to tailor his natural accent to any role he's ever in!)

  • A general problem I have with 'comedy thrillers' is that the comedy nearly always negates any of the thrills. Ryan Reynolds is not playing Deadpool in this one, although he might as well be doing so based on the number of times he is hit by cars and other solid objects. The result is that although it has the trappings of a Bond or a Bourne - exotic locations (here, mostly Italian ones) ; exotic woman; car chases; heavily-armed henchmen; huge explosions - it delivers none of the tension or excitement. When matched with some rather dodgy post-shoot special effects, the effect is generally underwhelming.

  • The plot here is shallow and ludicrous. A McGuffin involving a diamond drill tunnelling into "Europe's data hub" to implant a virus is infantile.

  • If there was an award for the clumsiest movie title of 2021, we may already have a winner.

Summary Thoughts on "The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard": Sequels are very occasionally better. Often they are much worse. This one, I have to say, delivers very much "more of the same". Given that the writer/director team of Tom O'Connor and Patrick Hughes are in the driving seat, that's not much of a surprise. The shtick is mildly diverting, occasionally downright funny, but quickly outstays its welcome. The 100 minute run time felt, for me, much longer.

Looking back at my 2017 review of the first film, I think I was being over-kind giving it 6/10. I think this is neither better nor worse. So if you want to average the two and give each 5/10, I wouldn't object! But, again, it's one I will struggle to remember much about in a few month's time.

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SO CHOPPY No scenes over 15 seconds - MADE ME DIZZY

This is a comedy with no humor, no believable characters, no chemistry between characters and the shooting and special effects are better on a Lifetime movie. Most importantly - SO CHOPPY! No scene was more than 15 seconds and HONESTLY most are 3-5 seconds. Guess that's why the characters never develop? IN SHORT: The film made me dizzy like I was on a Whirlybird at a cheap carnival.


Not funny, just boring. Not sure what I expected... had to walk out after 30 mins.

Complete garbage

I walked out after thirty minutes. I just couldn't take it anymore. The amount of cringeworthy moments was astounding. The characters were utterly offensive cartoons, the story made no sense, and the dialogue was unnecessarily vulgar at every instance. The acting was very exaggerated and just downright terrible. I feel stupider having watched the amount of this film that I did.

F word said literally every other sentence

Unless you like hearing the F word every other sentence, this movie isn't for you. It sounded like middle schoolers trying to swear. It was incredibly annoying and ruined the whole show. The plot was all over the place and I would never see this movie again.

The worst movie to spend time of your life on.

I saw this movie with my dad. We weren't expecting much, just a fun action comedy with some talented actors. But the fact that I spent an hour and a half of my life on this piece of utter garbage frustrates me beyond belief. Ryan Reynolds has lost all of my respect. How could the man behind Deadpool make this?! It still boggles my mind. Don't support the producers who think that you're a stupid idiot who will laugh at the most predictable and unfunny jokes. You're better than that. If I can stop at least one father and son from spending their hard earned cash on this soulless farce of a movie, I'll feel a little better about my mistake and support of this nonsense.


I had to start an account just to come on and say how terrible this was, and I am difficult to displease. Terrible script, I was actually embarrassed watching this.

Eh, if there's nothing else

Loved the first one, can't understand for the life of me how people think the second is actually better. Not only is it not better then the first, it's barely a good movie at all.

A few funny lines, a mess of a storyline. And an enormous hole from the end of the first with Ryan Reynolds love interest, she's nowhere to be found. I consider that a huge miss I couldn't get past. Kept waiting for any reference of her to tie back to #1 and complete his character.

Better than Awful

This isn't the worst film ever made, nor even the worst film in this century, but... Half the film consists of the actors' doubles, which normally would be offensive, but in this case, each of the principal actors does such an awful job that it's as relief not to have to look at their pathetic acting. Yes, some actors are worse than others, but they are all bad. Really bad. "Bad" as if you should use clips from this film in an ac ting class. But why pick on the actors? The script is awful. The photography is mediocre and the music is inoffensive. Also, so much of this garbage is filmed on sets it should be an embaressment to the producers. Like I said in the title, better than awful, but only a little.